Monday, November 28, 2011

Generation Cedar hosts Vision Forum giveaway!

Generation Cedar is hosting a $600 gift certificate giveaway from Vision Forum as well!

Taken from Generation Cedar:
"Here are just a few of my favorite Christian books and resources from Vision Forum:
Family-Driven Faith
When You Rise Up
The Family
Queen of the Home
Passionate Housewives
The Hopeful Theology of Miscarriage
We Cannot But Speak

This giveaway ends December 3rd :)

Amazing another Vision Forum $600 Giveaway!

Life In a Shoe is also getting in on the Vision Forum excitement!

Here is a little about what she says about Vision Forum:
"OK, unlike the impression you might have so far, VF is not only about toys.  Christian books and media is where they really shine: family-friendly DVDs, audio messages about history, audiobooks, materials for homeschooling from a Christian perspective, and more!"

This ones ends December 9th!

Vision Forum $600 Giveaway!

Smockity Frocks is also hosting a $600 gift certificate giveaway from Vision Forum

This giveaway ends December 3rd :)

Vision Forum is the place to get great Christian books and other gifts.

Unit Study Cyber Monday Sales!

All day Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett is having a Cyber Monday Sale!  Everything is on sale!  Earlier in the day the more percent off, no code required! 

This is a great deal!
Some of the Download N Go titles you could get include:

 It also includes Download N Go packages like:

And Passport Geography titles like:

And of course the 4 week Unit Study Adventures including:

Click on over to Unit Studies to check it out!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Vision Forum $600 Gift Certificates Giveaway! Wow!

The Modest Mom is also hosting a $600 giveaway for gift certificates!  So if you are looking for something from Vision Forum this year for Christmas, you might just be able to afford it a bit easier!  

 So if you are looking for Lego Knight Sets:

Or Classic Toys:

Or many other things take a look at this Christian books retailer :)

Another Vision Forum $600 Gift Certificates Giveaway!


Wow!  This one also ends December 3rd!

Vision Forum $600 gift certificates giveaway

Vision Forum is giving away $600 in gift certificates 
Giveaway ends December 3rd, plenty of time to order some great Christmas gifts :)


Vision Forum

Vision Forum is a store to which we have been recently introduced.  They have amazing toys and costumes for boys and girls.  They have wonderful books, CDs, and movies all agreeing with our worldview.

We just ordered and recieved this wonderful audio drama from Vision Forum, it was our first order.  We are very satisfied and will be ordering more as we are able :)

As a mom I am really excited to see all the things they offer for boys that do not discount being a boy and man, but esteem it and encourage being a Godly man.

So for a great source of Christian books and so much more head on over to Vision Forum.

Oh, they have started their Black Friday sale today
You can make your own sale!