Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planting Season

I think we are rushing it a bit for our area, but it has been so spring like here for a month off and on that we went ahead and did some gardening.  We planted Blue Podded and Oregon Sugar Snap peas and Chinese Red Meat, Sparkler, and White Hailstone radishes.  We also planted some walking onion bulbs in our small garden bed, that I guess will now be their new home, they reseed so to speak.

Our last frost date is supposed to be around the beginning of May, but it has been so much warmer that I think our cold weather stuff will be OK.  I think if it is still to cold it probably just won't germinate as fast, we will see.

We put in quite a few raised beds last summer.  One is dedicated to asparagus, one to strawberries, and one to blueberries.  We have three four by sixteen foot beds that are not dedicated and we have been working in coffee grounds and some peat into those.  The soil is so nice and loose in those beds.  We have a four by eight bed where we plant the cold crops.  There is also a large area where we plant corn and were we are going to do melons this year and some flowers as well.

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