Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: Lies the Government Told You

Lies the Government Told You by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Lies the Government Told You is a very thought provoking book.  It has many detailed facts to back up lies we believe about the government, some dating back to the very early beginning of the United States of America as well as very recent history.  Judge Napolitano definitely gives insight into situations that prove the government exists to protect it's own interest and not so much the liberty we think we have as Americans.  Some of the topics addressed are the Patriot Act, RICO laws, income tax, social security, the Fed, and the war on drugs.  This is not a book that condemns one political party, it shows deception is unbiased.

I think this is a wonderful book.  I don't agree with every conclusion of Judge Napolitano, but he provides facts as to why he believes what he believes and does so very convincingly.  I was shocked by some of the information provided, I was definitively not taught these things in government school.  Americans rights are being taking away at an alarming rate and Americans are allowing it, mostly by being complacent and uninformed.  There is a lot of information provided, but the book is well written and easy to understand and there are cited sources in the back to read more information on your own if you choose.  I choose this book to review because of the foreword by Congressman Ron Paul and was not disappointed.

I think this is a book that every American should read as it is very eye opening and I will be donating my copy to the library to hopefully circulate the information.

I was provided a free copy of this book for the purposes of review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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Nice review! I think I'd like to read this book myself.