Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Planting Season

Well those peas and radishes we planted back in February are doing great, I think they were a little slow growing but we will have radishes fairly soon and the peas are probably 6-8 inches tall.

I should have planted a few more things the beginning of this month, but I didn't, it has been raining hard off and on.  So today I planted Russian Red Kale, Parris Island Cos Romaine, Baby Whale Spinach, Nantes Scarlet Carrots, more White Bunching Onions (the other seed never came up, it was pretty old), Ching Chang Bok Choy, and a third planting of radishes Pink Beauty.

Our seedlings are looking great, I did have some major losses for a couple of reasons the main being I planted more than I had area for so there were some that got spilt (more than once), got too dry, and didn't get enough light.  The rest though are looking great, several types of sweet peppers, bells peppers, onions, celeriac, celery, bok choy, garden huckleberry, several different types of tomatoes, and probably some more I can't think of off the top of my head.

We planted more irises yesterday which my dear friend Christine gave to me. Gardeners are really generous.  Christine also gave Cosmo flower seeds and they are sprouted and up an inch or so.  The horseradish off freecycle is looking much better after we put some chicken protection around it, apparently they really like the greens, which are supposed to be pretty good for you.  Our rhubarb is doing ok, we moved it and hopefully it will do better where we have it now.  Asparagus is doing wonderful, I can't wait until next year when we can harvest some.  All the onions all are sprouted and look very healthy.  The strawberries really need weeded and so do the blueberries.  I think that is about all the happenings right now.

I planted French Fingerlings and red potatoes today, we will see how they do I hope well, they are yummy.

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