Friday, May 21, 2010

Planting Season continues

Today I planted in flats melons and watermelons.  I planted many seeds of each type.  I planted Orangeglo Watermelons, Banana Melons, Mountain Hoosier Watermelon, Kansas Melon, and Million Dollar Melon.  I think I am a little late getting my melon seeds started, but I don't like them to get very big before they get transplanted.  I need to get my cucumbers and squash started soon, maybe I will get them started today as well.

I also did a flat of flowers.  A couple of types of marigolds, a pansy, and viola.  I also direct seeded some Mother of Pearl Poppies, I hope they come up and are a pretty as the picture.

All of these seed varieties named and the poppy picture came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I like the selection and heirloom seed preservation from Baker Creek.  I wish I could make it out to one of their festivals sometime, I am sure they are fun.  Their catalog is the best I have seen, wonderful pictures and honest, accurate descriptions.  It is such a good quality catalog it is worth keeping around as a reference book.

Everything is looking great so far in the garden, we have some flowers on the peas and have eaten a few radishes.

Happy Gardening

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