Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Wild Things

Wild Things
The Art of Nurturing Boys
Stephen James and David Thomas

Wild Things is about boys and a little about men too.  It is a book that helps parents, mothers in particular, to understand their little and big guys.  Mr. James and Mr. Thomas explain The Way of a Boy, The Mind of a Boy, and The Heart of a Boy.  They are therapists working with men and boys as well as dads to boys.  The style of writing is engaging and the book is full of funny stories.  

Wild Things should be a must read for parents of boys, I enjoyed it that much.  In a time where our society try and make men irrelevant and boys behave like girls there could be no better time to get this book.  I loved the insight these men provided to me as a mom and wife. At the end of each chapter there are tips to summarize ways to love and understand your boy better. 

"The truth is, boys don't need to be tamed-they need to be understood, loved, challenged, and encouraged." ~from back cover

A helpful parenting plan to go with Wild Things.

I purchased this book from the recommendation of the M.O.B. Society.
Mothers of Boys

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