Friday, January 7, 2011

Review: God Gave Us So Much

God Gave Us So Much 

Written by Lisa T. Bergren

Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

God Gave Us So Much is a treasury of three of the God Gave Us books.  Included are God Gave Us the World, God Gave Us Love, and God Gave Us Heaven.  They feature an adorable polar bear family.  


God Gave Us the World is about other types of bears from all over the world and how each kind is suited just right to live in it's own environment.  It tells of how God created Earth to be our home and created every creature in it.


God Gave Us Love is about love ;)  It talks of loving others even when they are hard to love and how being patient and kind goes with love.  Grampa also tells Little Cub of God's love for us and sending his son for us.


 God Gave Us Heaven talks about heaven, gently about death and how wonderful heaven will be.  It compares good things in this world and how much better it will be in heaven.  It also tells of Jesus making it possible for us to get to heaven.  


I really enjoyed these books, they are just delightful.  The illustrations are so endearing and fun.  I love watching Little Cub learn from her wise parents and Grampa and then being treated in such a respectful way.  Too often in our culture, even in children's books, the people in authority are portrayed as mean, unintelligent, or unimportant.  The content of the book is important to children and easy for them to understand in the way it is presented.  


I give God Gave Us So Much 5 stars.


I was provided a free copy of this book for the purposes of review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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