Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: The Organized Home

The Organized Homeschooler
by Vicki Caruana

When I first received The Organized Homeschooler I admit I laughed just a little.  I am not organized.  After laughing I was hopeful that the book would give me hope and tips that might help me become more organized.  That is not what I read.  This book comes across very condescending to me.  I got the feeling if you are not organized you are somehow less spiritual.  I also think there is a spiritually dangerous undertone about this issue.

One of the "Check It Off!" sections early in the book states that my children's success in homeschooling depends on my organization, umm, I don't think so.  My goal maybe very different from the author's.  We homeschool to raise our children to serve and love the Lord and live lives pleasing to Him, I think that is  a heart issue that parents can address no matter how unorganized they may seem.  I do see how organization helps, but to put organization as the judge of our success in homeschooling is a lofty place that I reserve for the Lord.  My "Check It Off" would be something more like ~I realize that my children and the success of their homeschool experience depends on how well we have cultivated a relationship with their Lord and Savior.  

Another "Check It Off!" is "I desire orderliness just as God does".  That just sits with me wrong, for me to say I desire anything as God does, I don't know, I just can't say that I do.  I also would like to see the clear Biblical references she is drawing this from.  Maybe I feel like statements like this put us some how equal with God and I know I am not even close.

Another example is a statement about how other's statements (in regards to schedules) "reveal a variety of heart issues", ouch.  Sometimes people don't agree on issues and sometimes there are heart issues (sin issues) involved, but sometimes not.

In summary, I think the book would have been better if it were more of an organizing encouragement and tip tool, than something that comes across as condemning in a situation where there is not a sin issue.  I would have enjoyed a book of here is what works for me and this is how this area of organization will bless your family.  Something more practical.

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I was provided a free copy of this book for the purposes of review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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Mrs. David Hankins said...


Thanks for taking the time to read the review on my blog! I remember some of the same things that you've written about rubbing me the wrong way also. I am so grateful that God's mercies are new every morning and that my children's success in homeschooling does not depend solely on me. It is true that we reap what we sow, but it is also true that God is gracious and merciful toward those in whom He is working. I'm so glad that the burden doesn't rest solely on my shoulders!

Happy Reading! :)


P.S. Large Family Logistics is on sale this week for $10.80! (They seem to run that sale every few months. :) Figured I'd let ya know in case you hadn't seen that much better than paying $18+.