Saturday, June 25, 2011

Branded, Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture by Tim Sinclair

Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture
by Tim Sinclair

Branded is a thought-provoking book about how the Church relates to the culture to spread the message of Christ.  It is not so much about a method of how-to, it is more about why-to.  Mr. Sinclair explains how marketing works for corporations, how it changes over the years even for the same product.  

I really have enjoyed Branded.  It was a little uneasy to think of marketing Jesus.  It isn't marketing in the way I initially thought he was going to mean, the WWJD, bumpersticker, Christian t-shirt way.  It is more about living out the Christian life in the way that God's people should.  Living a life where relationship is important and loving people deeply shines through for Christ.  Not the health and wealth false gospel, but that life is hard and God works in ways we don't understand, but He is still good.  Mr. Sinclair points out that if you don't believe in a product you can't sell it, weather it is vacuums or a relationship with a great God.  So it isn't about pulling one over on people, it is about really showing the love of Christ.  

I had many quotes from this book that I loved to read and reread, it just summed up the way I feel in many instances.  I really enjoyed Branded and I think with the study guide it would be fun to do with a group and ponder what kind of difference we are really making.  It is also really just a great book to read on your own.

I was provided a free copy of this book for the purposes of review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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