Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heading for the Holidays: Thanksgiving With Facebook Friends

I think this might be a really fun way to prepare for Thanksgiving, learning with the children about it.  Heading for the Holidays: Thanksgiving With Facebook Friends.

Here is more info from the facebook event page:
~Gather together the month before Thanksgiving, as we enjoy the fellowship of using the Thanksgiving Unit Study together with our closest 3.300+ friends! :)
~Get ready to join in the camaraderie of this first-ever FB holiday unit study cooperative, where we will all share our discoveries and experiences as our individual families enjoy the month of November and prepare for Thanksgiving.

~Plan now to join us on the launch date of this new adventure: 10/31/11! Go ahead and purchase the Thanksgiving Unit Study if you don't have it yet, and check and see which of the books on the book list you might want to get from the library or order for your own library.

~This is going to be a fun experience, and we look forward to sharing this season of thanksgiving with you, our friends!

So get your Thanksgiving Unit Study and join the fun :)

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