Friday, April 20, 2012

Flowers reinvigorated

This year is so productive!  We also replanted the small flower bed in the front.  It was not the grass taking over that bed, but the yarrow.  My husband built a pine box for the bed so it would be taller than the previous concrete edging and hopefully that will help to keep out the yarrow and grass.  My iris and lilies are so much happier!  I am going to try and mulch them to keep them that way.  I also pulled the weed from my two half wine barrels and got some seed planted in them as well as a new columbine in one as one barrels didn't come back  and put in a couple of pansies.  The little flower bed also got a some crysanthymums and violas to go around the tulips that are in it.  Only one tulip is going to bloom this year but I am still hopeful they others will next year.  I normally don't do annual plants, but those lovely viola and pansy faces were too much to pass on this year.  I am enjoying getting some instant beauty in as well as I wait for the Love in a Mist seeds to come up and the columbines to flower.

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