Friday, April 27, 2012

Planting season continues

Tonight I got some of the lovely plants in the ground.  I am trying tomatillos this year, they are the regular green variety so I planted two of those plants.  I have heard you need two plants for pollination but only two because they are so productive.  The basil was planted and I separated the plants as there were many seedlings in each pot so I have quite a little row lined up.  Next to them are some La Roma tomatoes from the local green house and a bit further are four Anaheim peppers, I haven't grown them before, but I think they will be a great one for salsa for us. Sun Gold tomatoes made the garden this year for a cherry variety.  I am not loving that many plants are hybrid, that is unusual for me, but buying them from greenhouses some will be.  They sounds like a nice cherry choice.  Two celery plants also made it in the cold bed.  As well as a Vates Curly Kale that was free from ordering so many plants from Azure.

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