Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harvesting Strawberries and planting just a bit more

We were planting a few marigolds, basil, and some dwarf junior sunflower (picture from Azure) seedlings in the garden today and doing a little weeding when the children were very happy to discover ripe strawberries :)  They each got to eat several and I got one little one and it was really yummy.  We have an ever-bearing variety, so this is the start of something good.

The Holstein Cowpeas we planted are coming up as well as the Double Standard Sweet Corn, the cowpeas grow so fast.  The sunflowers are just breaking through as well, we planted some Tiger Eye Mix Sunflower and Mammoth Grey Stripe at the ends of two beds a couple of weeks ago.

The pea blossoms are looking great, we should have peas in now time.  A few of the tomatoes and peppers are getting to be good sizes and have blooms on them.  I stopped pinching most of the tomato blooms and am letting them get going.  The tomatillos are covered with flowers so we should be making some major salsa verde this summer.

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