Sunday, May 12, 2013

Planting Time~ tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and seeds as well as hot weather

Tonight we had a great time in the garden.  The other day we spread a cubic yard of compost amongst some of the beds, with a really thick layer in the cold bed which is usually planted before we get the compost.  We are behind this year on peas, radishes and such, but some were planted today.  We did the White Hailstone radishes again this year, I think they are my favorite.  Carrots also went in the soil, I am not positive of the variety.  Iceberg lettuce and Ching Chang bok choy seed also went in.  As well as plants from the local cheap greenhouse, those were a four pack of Early Girls, I think eight Jalepenos, and twelve Cal Wonder bells.  We never seem to have too many peppers, so I am going to plant a lot this year.  I also did a four pack of Diva cucumbers and a four pack burpless variety as well.  I sprinkled the last of my multi-colored beets and hope the best, the seed is pretty old.

Many sunflowers are coming up from last year, I am going to transplant some of them to other beds.  We enjoyed looking at the huge plants and flowers and the bees and other pollinators really enjoyed them as well.  The front flower beds are such a cheery sight.  The Hyacinthia and many other bulbs were such a welcome to spring.  I am going to continue to plant a few more things in the beds so there are new flowers pretty regularly.  There are a few iris blooms that should be next and the lilies leaves are up and going as well. 

Unseasonably hot is the theme of the week.  Today was like 93 degrees, but it is supposed to go back down into the 70s this week with some rain thankfully.  I am not ready for that heat and I always enjoy the spring rain for the garden.

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