Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden, always a work in progress

We did some weeding and checking on things in the garden.  We planted some bush bean seeds and some crookneck squash plants, I need to stay out of the local greenhouse ;)  They had plants 20% off, so I bought the crooknecks, another 4-pack of Lunacy Orange marigolds, an Iceland poppy, and a Purple d'Oro daylily. 

I divided the daylily and put it in the flower section of the garden, I know they spread well and am looking forward to that.  I also put the poppy there, with the way they self-seed there will be many of them the future I hope.  I like to grow things that are low maintenance and reseed themselves, particularly when it comes to flowers.  I hope the bees are attracted to the poppies.  We also broadcast some echinacea, Mother of Pearl Poppy, and Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula in that bed.

I also scattered seed in what is becoming the herb bed.  It used to be herbs just on the end of the bed.  Where the marjoram, sage, chives, and thyme lived.  It is slowly becoming an herb bed where the perennials live as well as were the annuals can self-seed at will.  We tossed around some Summer Savory, echinacea, flat parsley, and maybe some other things.

Behind the back fence there is a large field and an old barn.  The garden is in front of and to the right side of the barn.  We planted some old dwarf sunflower seeds, as well as some more flowers behind the garden there.  I am hoping for the best, but this is not an area I am going to water or do much with, so it will be what can make it there.  With all the rain we are getting they will get a good start and I think they will do fine.  We planted some Mammoth sunflowers, State Fair Mix Zinnia, Giants of California Zinnia, and Sensation Candy Stripe Cosmos.

I am loving having some flowers around even though my main interest in gardening is growing food.  They just make me happy to look at them and the beneficial insects, butterflies, and bees enjoy them too. 

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